I'm having pain in the right side of my mouth. It starts at the front/center and goes right to the back of the mouth on the right side. It's both top and bottom. (maybe a little more on the bottom) and it doesn't seem like it is a particular tooth, just aching pain, lower in the gums and jaw. This is the 3rd time it has happened in the past 2 weeks.
The first time it happened, the pain started coming on around 3:00pm while I was at work... just felt like I was getting a tooth ache. then around supper time, it was the entire right side just in horrible pain. I put heat on it and after a few hr's, the pain went away.
I seen a dentist the following day. He said he couldn't see any signs of an infection, he done x-rays and said that I did have a cavity in a wisdom tooth on the opposite side of my mouth that is hurting. (he doesn't think that the cavity would be causing this pain anyways)
He seemed to think it could be sinus problems. He told me to get some sinutabs (which I have tried)

The 2nd time it happened was similar to the first time... the pain started around 4:00 in the day and was there pretty much until I went to bed.

The 3rd time it happened was 2 days ago... The pain started around the same time as usual, and was there until about 1:30am (which is when I went to bed).
When I wake up , it's fine! I've been taking the sinutabs but they don't seem to be helping a whole lot.
I haven't been feeling like I've been sick with a cold or anything like that. but maybe a little stuffed up?!?!

What could be wrong?