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My right bottom wisdom tooth was removed on Monday the 26th. Everything was going ok, however, today I noticed a faint, awful taste on the right side of my mouth, where my tooth used to be. I took a flashlight to my mouth and noticed, my tongue on the right side is slightly turning yellow. Is that caused from smoking or just an infection? I was taking Clindamycin, till this script ran out, so now is my body not fighting an infection? Do I have a dry pocket?? I'm not in any pain, just still a lil swollen and uncomfortable. The taste is drivin me crazy!



Wisdom teeth are teeth that can give you the most trouble. They are not used for anything and they are the last teeth to get out and in most cases they do not grow correctly and cause pain. When you remove your tooth your wound needs time to heal itself properly. I don’t think that anything is wrong here but I think that you shouldn’t smoke cigarettes during your healing time. They will not help the wound and they can cause infections of the wound. Do you feel any pain in your wound or on your tongue?  You should wait few more days until your wound closes completely and you will see there will be no problems.

Good luck,