I have had this pain on my lower abdomen for over ten years. during the first year I felt it on the chest, it used to be so sharp and always came at night when I lie on bed. everything used to normal during the day but a nightmare at night. visited different physicians, took xray and treatments on different diseases( pneumonia,bronchitis and twi more chest related diseases) for 4months but there was no change at all. they finally put ne on 6mnths TB treatment, over asthma(coz they asked if I had problems breathing, which I didn't have). Everything looked normal after the TB treatment, coz the pain went and I could sleep peacefully. Ten months later the same problem came back in 2008. I have had like five CT scam, MRI scan. hiv test for like the whole month, I have been on meds like a pharmacy; year in year out. I have been well for lije two years till 2016 December till now when the pain came back, affecting the lower abdomen stretching through the stomach, to the chest. kindky help. coz I always sleep at between 3a.m and 5 a.m. keeping in mind I have ti wake up for work Note// it only attacks at night, when am over thinking or stressed and I feel a little relieved when I fart.