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Ok so me and my BF had unprotexted sex a couple of times and he finished in me...i did not...make the cemen come out...can that cause problems like constipation and my stools are big and sometimes hard to come out but there is VERY little pain when im not going to the bathroom but when i go it just feels like im constipated hurts a lil bit there is blood allmost every time but no pain during the day

i dont know what it could be? hemorrhoids? i have no idea im lost can anyone help?


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are you talking about anal or vaginal sex?? either way it wont hurt to leave semen in there. as far as the stool i would reccomend eating more fiber or taking fiber supplements such as metamucil also dring more fluids. it is normal for constipated stool to hurt some when it passes. aslo the blood could be from hemrrhoids especially if you have to strain hard to have a BM. or it could just be the constipated stool irritating your anus and that cause bleeding. i take it the blood is red and not black and tarry correct?

hope this helps