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I had rotator cuff surgery (complete tear, repair secured w/ anchors) 4 months ago. Most of the time I cannot lay on the shoulder at night without pain; really no pain during the day/ mostly have full range of motion (except when trying to reach across my body to touch my left shoulder). PTherapist has me doing weights now.(pull down/push down movements with the weight bar) and shoulder seems to feel a little worse now at night after doing the weights. Not frozen; almost full range of motion. In constant fear that I have maybe torn the shoulder again. How long does this discomfort last when laying on it? Could weights cause injury? I trust my therapist, but wanted to get some opinions/stories from other patients. Thanks.



I don't see a problem with doing weights so long as they are not to heavy.  I have a question, did you lift weights before you had your cuff surgery?  You might be over doing it with the weight bar and it's possible you have bruised the system or even torn it again.  As far as sleeping on the shoulder, I don't think I would do that.  In fact, it's probably better that you lay on your back so you don't put any pressure on that shoulder.  It's probably a good idea to keep your shoulder and back straight  at least for now.  Give your shoulder some time to heal.