I am an 83 year old male and had my index finger and middle finger knuckles replaced with the plastic prosthetic 4 weeks ago.  I have been in constant pain, worse than before the surgery ever since.  I took Narco 10/325 for the couple of weeks and the Doctor reluctantly agreed to a refill  of 5/325 which I took until 4 days ago.  

At the third week the Physical Therapist started what I would term as Agressive massage, after using gentle massage earlier.  This seemed to really make everything much worse.  My theory is that she tore some tissue loose that was beginning to heal and attach itself back to bone and the porsthetic.  Basically, my index finger is just about totally useless since then.  Every movement causes severe pain.

I stopped taking my Narco about 3-4 days after the Massage incident trying to correct an insomnia problem and stopping did seem to help that and surprisingly, help reduce the pain a little. That seems contrary to the purpose of Narco, so I am wondering if I am developing an allergic reaction.  I've been off Narco for 4 days and have no withdrawal symptoms, so I don't think that I had developed an addiction.

Am I right in assuming that the PT shouldn't be giving agressive massage and that it should be gentle?  


I will try again to talk to my Doctor, but we have established a sort of adversarial relationship and he doesn't provide me with useful information.