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my friend has many patches in his hand and leg.he is 36 years old.If he went to the doctor and apply the oinment,it has been controlled in some sort,but he is not able to relieve from those patches.It spreads over the body.Is there any permanent solution for him.


There are over 2000 skin diseases registered and without knowing which of these your friend has, it is impossible to say much about the treatment and the possible cure.

I am sure that if there were a cure, your friend would have gotten it. Many skin disorders and diseases are chronic and have often flare-ups. Some of the problems could be caused by food or other irritants like chemicals, detergents, etc and by coming into contact with them, a person may develop skin formations.

Other skin disorders are caused by viruses which we cannot get rid of, they stay in our spine, and when the immune system is impaired, they cause break-outs.

So, whatever your friend has, he needs to closely work with his doctor, listen to his advices. His only solution could be just to treat those flare-ups when they show up.