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My little girl (9 and a half months old) was diagnosed a month and a half ago with cutaneous mastocytosis when she broke out with blisters all over the back of her head, after flushing deeply for many minutes. she now takes antihystemenes everyday (H1 an H2 blockers) to control her symptoms. She still gets occasional blisters however on the back of her head, though now this happens without her flushing.

After doing some reading on the subject, I have been hoping she has a mastocytoma (a localized area that produces extra mast cells) instead of mastocytosis (all of her skin cells producing mastocytosis). Although she does not have any apparent discoloration on her head (what is typical with a mastocytoma) my doctor says this is not unlikely because the symptoms are localized. Today however my little girl got a blister near her temple---further out then any blisters she's received. I'm frightened about what might come next. Can anyone who has a child with pediatric mastocytisis (any form) help? I'm so scared that Jenna will suffer from having blisters all over her face and even body. I don't know what to do. The worst is not yet knowing exactly how this condition will ultimately manifest itself. I have read biographies on this subject on but to be honest, these scare me...The condition seems so frightening and though the doctors say not to worry, I cannot help but be thinking about it all the time, obsessing over each new blister in fear of what might happen next.


Hi there, I'm sure that you're feeling very stressed and I'm sorry that you do--however, I would say that since your doctors have said that it isn't anything to worry about that she should be okay. Does anyone else here have any experience with this? I'd like to hear as well. Thanks!