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Im 13 now, and i have always done penis excercises so i can easily pull my foreskin back to the base of the head, yesterday all of a sudden there was a small hole, rip on the base of the penis head which connects the foreskin, this hasnt happened before, and i think it is getting bigger, more is detaching itself from the base of the head, i am uncircumcised, what is going on? can someone help me????


Hi Cal,

When you are born the foreskin is attached to the glans, the head.  It gradually separates as you get older so that by puberty the head has separated.  You may still not be able to fully retract it yet, that often takes up to about age 16.

Good for you for stretching early!  Most guys don't know they should.

I don't believe there is a problem.  You'd need to have your doctor examine it to be certain.

Hope it helps.