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I'm 14 and sorta new to all of this..
Well, I read through many forums about pulling down the foreskin and I managed to do when it was 'un-erected'. Once I pulled it down I started testing because I couldn't touch the head, it felt very usual like it was very sensitive. I tried washing it and couldn't because the unual feeling kept happening, I decided to just pull the foreskin back up.

Does anyone know why it's so sensitive?



The head of the penis is filled with nerve endings.
The head has been under a protective foreskin covering for years, and so, has never become "desensitized" or "toughened up".

That's a good thing! :-D

It's good that you're becoming familar with your body, and learning what you like and don't like.

As you grow older, you may find that though exquisitely painful now, you may come to enjoy those sensation, particularly when you're involved in sex with someone close to you.

It may take some time too... and, as we hope that you'll be practicing safe sex, you'll probably have some condom covering the head, that will deaden some of the sensation as well.

So, there's still a lot of time to learn why you like and how to respond.

Keep practicing rolling the foreskin back, if you like, but don't worry. You have a lot of time left to learn.

Good luck! :-)


Oh I see, so it has it's pros and cons. Thanks for the advice Kirk helped me a lot. I was unsure because I didn't want to go having sex with this 'pain'.

Again thank you :-)