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Hi all,

When I was 17 I was circumsized when I realised that I couldn't pull my foreskin back over the head of my penis. The best that I could do, was expose the hole @ the end, nothing more.

As I mentioned, I was circumsized. I'm now 23 and suffering from a sensitive penis head that is, from my point of view, interferring with my sex life. While my partner insists the sex is amazing, I feel otherwise.

From what I can gather, the part that is called the frenulum hasn't been properly removed. After examining a diagram of a penis, I read that the frenulum is usually removed during circumsicion. However, it appears mine wasn't - or at least only a bit of it was.

Now i am stuck with an incredibly sensitive penis which i dont seem to be able to do anything about.

I have managed to control my near-premature ejaculations a little, however I can't except sex the way my partner and I prefer it. I won't elaborate on that of course :-)

Any advice as to what I could do would be appreciated.

Kind Regards


You'll want to go visit a urologist for an examination and a discussion of your options.

Most men would kill to have as much sensitivity that you have in your glans and frenulum.

Many post-circumcision men are urging NOT to have surgery to loose sensitivity, but millions of men in the US have been and are satisfied.

I am not sure what you are saying with "I can't accept sex the way my partne and I prefer it." Does this mean you won't be satisfied, or that you want to try a different position, or technique?

You might also try wearing a condom, as it deadens some of the sensation.

Good luck.
Let us know what turns out.