I'm 16 and i first came on my period when i was only 8. I had all the typical signs of a period coming, the mood change and the discharge so to say it was a "normal period" if their is one.
Over the years i've got used to my periods being maybe a week long, say 5-7 days, heavy for the first 3 days then a little lighter then im barely on. But since i've turned 16 i've noticed they have been changing, now im normally on for 3-4 days. Still heavy at first but then the second day, im not too bad and im practially not even on for the third/fourth day.
I've not had a lifestyle change, i still eat healthy and i do eat junk like any teenager, i do my exercise and i go horseriding every sunday for 1 hour, so i cant see my change being down to a change.
However, my last period was a little unusual, i bled every heavily the whole time i was on, i was very unwell and threw up alot, and i also got very dry and sore, but i didnt really think anything of the dryness because when i go horseriding when im on my period i do obviously move alot and i do get dry and sore because of that, so i just left it down to the fact i go horseriding and i move alot and i wear a pad. But this period i noticed i was extremely sore and itchy, but for the first day i just left it, i didnt itch or anything, but the second day i was so bad, i couldnt stop scratching and i just had to check myself out to see why and i noticed a rash type red mark, it was only like at the bottom of my vagina and it didnt go onto my bottom, it was an identical red rash/mark on both sides.
I can't think why i have this, but my only guess is because i wear pads and they rub, but if this is the case why wouldnt i have had this rash before?