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I am 2 weeks post from having my large toe nail removed. After years of having a pincer nail that grows under and caused so much pain, by the advice of my podiatrist chose to have the chemical put on it to keep it from growning back. It was my choice but she said it usually grows back the same way.

The surgery/more of a procedure was a piece of cake ( and mine was very imbedded and curled rather deep under the skin. I was in the chair at 4:05 and out the door at 4:20. Drove and stopped at the store for soaking needs and bandages, then home to elevate as directed.

I have been reading so many scary stories about the removal and post care, I think people that don't have problems don't correspond.

Regarding the shots...yes it is a shot. Yes, shots in feet are more sensitive than other places, they are not comfortable but only take a minute and then you are done. I received 4 shots, not my favorite thing but tolerable..I just said ouch, ouch, ouch, and ouch and then it was over. My Dr used a numbing spray which really helped...I can't imagine them without the numbing spray.

My experience was: I felt nothing at all while it was being removed. A bit of tugging and zero pain. She offered to tell me the steps she was taking and I denied, saying just take it off and cover it up. I am fine as long as I don't have to view it.

I was bandaged up and given post soaking directions which I was very careful to follow.

My pain experience: I do take an Alieve each day for arthritis so that probably blocked some of the uncomfortableness. So, why not just take some the first 2 weeks as a preventative pain measure.

Occasionally I was have a strange feeling, not really pain...but tender and raw feeling. But still much less pain that I as experiencing with my embedded nail.

I have have several extreme pain twinges! They didn't last long...but during those 5 minutes it was pretty bad. I am sure it was just some nerves from the chemicals letting me know about it.

I go back tomorrow for my 2 week post. I am sure it will go well

I did wear my closed toe shoes to work the first week, but the rubbing made it to tender, so I still choose to wear my open toe sandles.

Wearing a Bandaid for 2 weeks has caused irration and skin pulling on my skin...also was a hassle to cut them off 4 times a day. So I opted for non-stick gauze and sensative tape with anitbitoict cream and it is working well.

I am glad I had it done, and will be doing my other big toe in the near future.

Please don't let all the awful expereineces you read hinder you from having permannet removal.

I know some people have had some bad experiences but I think overall it is a safe and pain free procedure.

Any questions, please ask.






Hi beachwalkmm,

Thank you for posting your overall positive experience. I agree that mostly the horrible situations are posted most often, while the good situations aren't because people heal up and move on.

I was wondering if you could describe the healing process after the first couple weeks. Did the pain get worse? When were you able to walk long distances, when could you exercise with pressure on your toe, etc. And, are you still happy you did it?Thank you very much.

I am contemplating having this done very soon so your feedback is appreciated!