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I'm 14 years old and just about to go and get my ingrown toenail removed. I'm really scared about the needles and what my toe will look like afterwards. I've heard that it will hurt really bad after the surgery, but then again I've heard that the needles are the worst part. What is the actual procedure like? Does it take a long time and how is recovery afterwards?



Don't worry too much, I went through the same thing at the age of 12 and I was really scared of needles too.

Im not going to tell you that it wont hurt, but it is worth getting it done, I had to get it done twice, once on each big toe on both sides of the toe, but since then I realised that it wasn't as bad as i thought and it was worth getting it done as my toes are fine now and they look normal.

The needle is better because this means that once your toe is frozen you wont feel them working on your toe, you might feel the odd poke but its not sore as you don't feel it. If you really don't like needles (as I did (now i don't mind them, im actually a blood doner now)) ask maybe a few days or so before hand if you can get a topical gel which numbs the area where the needle will go, this will cause it to be less uncomfortable.

ok...ive rambled on a bit sorry about that.

The prcedure is:
The toe will be numbed and a rubber band is put round your toe.
Once the toe is numbed, they will cut a bit down the side of the nail and take out the part that causes the ingrown toenail to form.
They then rub in this white stuff (I was told it was a mild acid) which kills the root of what causes the ingrown toenail.
Then they bangage it up.
To do all that it takes about 15minutes (ish).
You then go home and have to keep your foot up the rest of the day, then the next day you go back and they take the bandage off and check it over.

Once the surgery is over you have to soak your toe in warm salty water, then dry them, then spray or put cream on your toe and put a fresh bandage on it. You will have to do this for a few weeks until it is healed. It will be a bit tender for a while after the procedure but if you keep it clean and well looked after it wont take too long to heal.

Once it is healed it should look normal again as all they have done is take part of the nail away, and that is generally just a very small part of it.

I strongly advise to get it done, as it is worse to leave it and not have it done as it will get more painful as time goes on if it is left untreated.

I know this from experience, the procedure is nothing to worry about and it dosnt last that long, it is worth it to have it done and to get rid of the ingrowing toenail.

hope I helped and didnt carry on too long

Gemma :-)