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I recently had a sexual experience where my foreskin retracted for the first time, and now it will now go back to how it was when flacid. The end of my penis is red (as it was when under the skin before), and I have a tingling sensation when i walk. I have tried to get the skin back over the end of the penis but it simply will not go. Is this a normal thing to happen? What shall i do about it, as i am very concerned about it???? Please RSVP asap.


Dear Henry

This is the best thing you never asked for. Just take care of it to prevent phimoses. Otherwise, you are very lucky. We are two best friends want to be circumcised, but in my country it is really expensive. So in the mean time we try to permanently retract our foreskins. It keeps on rolling back, so you are very lucky to have it the best way. Don't let anybody tell you other that retraction or circumcision is wrong or unhealthy - it certainly is the best thing to do to and the best way to care for your penis. The ultimate would be circumcision because it is much healthier, cleaner and safer than permanent retraction. Strongs!