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I stopped taking my pill and after 5 days had a short light 3day bleed, i then had unprotected sex with my partner. I know it sounds a little naive but i'm just not sure about my ovulation due to my pill because it seems to vary on when i get a withdrawel bleed and when would it would then be possible to get pregnant??

can anyone give me a little guidance, i always thought it was between weeks one and two after period but what about after your pill?



with the pill, it is difficult to say when you would ovulate. the lack of hormones effect women diffrentley. so, in the next two weeks, try taking a pregnancy test. if it's negative, and you still feel you are pregnant, wait another week and take another one. if it's still negative your probley not pregnant.
it generally takes two or three periods for them to get regular. so, until they are regular again, you probley won't know when you ovulate.