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I just started getting mines 3rd times now right after my menstrual cycle:/ Is very painful n difficult to walk or move around. Warm compres ,oitlmemt antibiotic, antibiotics, ibuprofen and rubbing garlic will help. I went to the hospital n only gave me meds like the ones I mention but didn't gave me much info. If this keeps happening I will go look for more professional help. Hope this helps anyone know goes trew it the subject is the name of condition 


Yes, those are all hidradenitis suppurativa natural treatment and they can do one thing, but they can't heal you for sure. As you may notice, this will be back a lot of times after you think that you are done with it. I don't know, I would suggest you definitely to seek some professional help because it can get infected and then it can become really serious. Some antibiotics and antibacterial creams can help you. I know that garlic is natural medication and that this one can do a lot, but it can't heal you completely. So, seek for another opinion, ask for a doctor who can explain you more about this.