So I need a little advise and was hoping someone can help me out pleaseeee.

So my cycles are fairly regular and last 4-5 days, but this month my period is due this saturday (Oct.7)  but for 4 days now I've been having a very light bleeding. It started out as pink the first day barely there then the next day was a brownish but with red and then the other two days, today inclued, it's been a dark redish. The whole time it isn't enough for a tampon or a pad but I wear one in fear I'm gonna leak. Lol (mind you I only see the blood when I wipe, sorry tmi) 

I took a hpt about 2 weeks ago for sh**s and gigs and I got a faint positive,  which I assumed was faulty because I would have been ovulating around then. 

But today, day before AF, I took one and got another faint line. Very faint. Or I'm going crazy because I want this so bad. 

But my question is has anyone experienced this ? Bleeding this week your period is suppose to be here and it's lighter than a normal period but persistent... please please someone reply.