In 2008 after having my second child I got the marina put in. Aug 24th of this year I got it taking out witch staying a very heavy long period then sept 16th I had another heavy period for a full week in Oct I started the 13th and it lasted 5 days and it was heavy. Normal stuff. I've never been the one to start on the same date everytime it's always off a few days. Well yesterday while at the park with my kids I had to go to the bathroom witch has been a lot lately and when (btw it was the 3red) I went to wipe there was blood but not normal period blood witch is thick at least mine is . This was watery I didn't even realize I was bleeding and it wasn't on my underwear or in the toilet water just the paper. IM thrown off cause I should have another week before I start and when I do I no IM about to start so this was shocked so I put a pad on and later on I see brown spots not normal then nothing then this morning there's a very faint pink tint on the paper when I wiped if I wasn't paying attention I wouldn't have noticed it then hours later a brown dot again. Took a test last night knowing it's to early to tell yet and came out negative and I have Lil pains in my uterus. If IM not pregnant what else could it be?