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I started feeling a little odd...peeing more often and barely going. By the time it was the evening, I went about 20 times in an hour. I constantly feel like i need to pee. I noticed a couple times that there were very miniscule "chunks" of blood. It is not painful to go pee, but hurts immensly for 5 sec after i finish urinating. Has anyone any answsers for me? I can't sleep. This sucks.


Hi there,

This can easily be connected with bladder infection but I think that you might be having urinary tract infection. The thing is that your bladder is not able to hold your urine for long time and this can be the main problem that you have. But the pain is caused by the infection in your bladder or in your whole urinary tract. Also the blood might come from your kidneys as well. What is the color of blood? Is it bright red or dark brown. By the color of blood you can determine where your blood might have come from. Have you been taking any medication in past period? You could try to use some antibiotics as well.