It has been just over forty eight hours now. Everything, despite my experience, seems to be healing fine. I have no redness and very little swelling around the incisions. The pain is receding also. ever since day one I have only taken about 800Mg of Advil per day. Today I am up to 400Mg and will take another 400Mg tonight. At night it is hard to sleep. I keep thinking about my operation and reliving the pain. Its mostly psychological but it still bring on the throbbing. After removing the gauze last night there was just a little blood but nothing since.

Sorry I didn't get the exact steps and places of the shot right when writing my story, I was trying not to look at what was happening. Also it proves my lack of understanding exactly what was happening. I think I thought that if I knew exactly what he was doing I would A) not do the procedure or B) freak out while it was happening, so I opted for ignorance. You are right about the doctor being distracted. He forgot to put on a paper mask over his face and I kept thinking "shouldn't he have a mask or something?" "what if he coughs germs into my sac?" "what if he gets sprayed by a rogue droplet of fluid (blood, sperm, urine???)?" Also he was getting into whatever it was he was talking about so much he would stop periodically and look me in the eye and go on and on not finish whatever he was doing. I wanted to scream at him to hurry and finish because it is very uncomfortable for me, but I held my tongue.

Another weird thing happened today. I was mistakenly trying to drive this morning and got out of my car and proceeded to open the gate to drive out when I pivoted on my left leg wrong and pinched a nerve and dropped. the pain was sharp and quick and strong. I have NEVER had anything wrong with my hip, I wasn't even sure where the hip nerve was because I have never even NOTICED my hip nerve before this. now I know exactly where it is! Surprisingly most of my pain is in and around my hip and has been since the op. I'm not a doctor so I don't know how everything is connected down there, but obviously it is.