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Im 28 years of age and want to undergo tubal ligation surgery . I have no children and have no desire for any in my lifetime. Will I be allowed
to have the procedure done.


There are many Drs. who don't like to perform this procedure on a women who has never had a child. 28 years old is old enough to know if a child would be considered in your future, and you have made your mind up against that.

Talk to your Dr. and tell him that you are sure about this. He will probably try to talk you out of it and try to discuss birth control with you.
If he doesn't want to help you, ask him if he can refer you to another Dr. who doesn't take issue with it.
You asked if you would be allowed to have this procedure. You can do whatever you wish, it's your body. I just mean that some Drs. are real hesitant to do it if you haven't had a child.