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Hi All,


After years of of this problem, I'd like to post here to see if anyone can shed some light. I'll get right to the point and symptoms. When I was 18, I suffered a very bad Panic attack, overdose of Caffeine. Eventually it went away and I was fine. But this would be the start of a Domino effect. Growing up as a child my mother would be in and out of the hospital. Most of the time she was fine. So mentally, this was brought up into my mind.


About two years ago, I was strolling along headed home from work. Then all of a sudden, I felt extremely anxious, heart pounded out of my chest, and I almost crashed my car. Ended up being fine again.

Finally, I got a cardiologist. I've had a total of TWO stress tests, I couldn't go for more then 4 minutes because my anxiety would kick in. 4 total ECHOS, Over 60 ECGS, and over 60+ times of blood work drawn. As stated, this has turned into a serious mental disorder now as well.

I experience a pounding heart beat when I eat large meals, exercise, mostly weight lifting, sitting to standing is intense. I get bouts where I'll wake up in the middle of the night with my HR at 110+, not to high, but Pounding HARD. I can't really drink alcohol anymore, I never touch caffeine, but used to a lot.

Now my whole life I was also into fitness, sports, the gym. I was very strong at one point and could Deadlift 415LBS, and bench 315, Squat 385.But now, I seem all but helpless. Any short movement I can feel my heart race, or pound heart.

Sometimes my heart will skip a beat, and then race very fast, this has happened 4-5 times.

I'm constantly out of breath on and off all day. Multiple chest x-rays, cat scans, and MRI's. I've always been cleared. I was put on Propranolol over a year ago. It has helped A LOT. I was at a point where I couldn't even drive. Is this server depression? Anxiety? Can anxiety really do this?


Any insight on this would be amazing.


Also want to note I've been wearing a 30 Day Holter, Cardiologist has said so far the almost 3 weeks I've been wearing it, it has been Normal. I'm at a loss here guys. I also eat pretty healthy, only water, some juices, ZERO soda.


When I stopped drinking after 30 years I started going to aa and for 3 years my heart would pound at every meeting,all I can say it was just anxiety,just growing up all over again i'm fine now and of the booze for 10 years ,missed growing up while drinking so I suffered at 50 for 3 years growing up,i had a doctor tell me one time that the heart was made to go 100 years,i still can feel my heart beat its just heart consions,no big deal.just a scarry feeling sometimes take deep breathes and walk a lot, keep on the go. don't worry if you young and in will worry your whole life away about your heart. !