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The other night my boyfriend and I had sex. When we were finished he noticed the condom had broke during ejaculation. I got the Plan B pill first thing the next morning--about 7-8 hours after we had intercourse. I happened to be ovulating while we were having sex which made me even more fertile. Would it be possible to become pregnant the moment he ejaculated? What are the chances of the Plan B working??



It takes 2-3 days for conception to fully happen. It is not instant at all, pregnancy is a process that takes up to 14 days, which is why the earliest you take a pregnancy test is 12-14 days after sex.

The egg has to make it to the correct place, and the sperm must travel to fertilize the egg.

If you were about to ovulate, the MAP would have stopped it. If you already did ovulate, the MAP 'could' cause implantation to stop.