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So me and my boyfriend had sex the two days were my period was pretty heavy. And we didnt use a condom, but he used the pulled out method. Lately I have been getting dizzy and really bad cramps and back achesI was wondering if i could be pregnant because of the pre-cum? Or if i can even get pregnant because I was on my period?


WOW! Hun okay there is a very low possibility of you being pregnant from pre-cum but studies have shown that sometimes it contains sperm and other times it doesn't contain any what the pre-cum does is it acts as a lubricant for the sperm! And getting pregnant on your period It is unlikely, but still possible—especially if you're not using a condom or birth control. Some women have long periods that overlap with the beginning of ovulation, which means they can be fertile even though they're menstruating

Say you have a short cycle (21 days, for example) and your period lasts a week. If you have sex close to the end of your period, you could become pregnant since sperm can live for up to 72 hours in your reproductive tract.