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(previously 1 1/2 yrs ago..had a Carotid Doppler test done due to periods of VERTIGO..when I turned my head a certain way I got dizzy) NORMAL results

History of Migraines


Was sick with a bad cold also just started my period...used Afrin Nasal Spray..I was feeling alot of pressure in my neck...all the way around..went to the bank in the evening..I was parked and all of the sudden my heart started beating in a weird rhythm and it was hard to catch my breat.everything started to turn black..then I opened my eyes and took a deep breath and realized I passed out for a second...I went home checked my BP and it was NORMAL..went to the ER..EKG was normal..the Doctor stated: "a virus can go to your neck and you can feel pressure...the AFRIN may have caused an irregular rhythm"

I was sent home..followed up with Cardiologist...wore a heart monitor for 2 weeks..NORMAL..slightly Tachy.

In the past few months I had difficulty catching my breath also DURING MY of my clients noticed I was GASPING FOR AIR..I had an right before I got to the appt...Asthma Doc. referred me to Pulmonologist.


That breathing issues has NOT happened one more time it was all day long..I was gasping and struggling..even took a Klonopin to relaxz me..used some O2 that my Stepfather gave me...
My Primary started my on ADVAIR..after 3 days of ADVAIR I felt much much better.


I have had 3 episodes where I felt like I was having trouble swallowing..kind of like a throat spasm...the other day I choked on the cheese from my blocked my airway and I literally shoved my hand in my throat to pull out the cheese.



Day 1 of period..had some pain in my left eye (figured it was my typical migraine)

got out of my car went into the store and all of the sudden that PRESSURE built up in my neck on both was hard to felt like something was pushing on my arteries and stopping the blood flow...I felt like I was going to pass out...then all of the sudden it went away...I drove home...took my BP and it was NORMAL


The only 2 things in common with both episodes were that I just started my period. So, stating it's hormonal would be understandable..I just need to know WHAT IS THE PRESSURE BUILD UP..I'm terrifed I'm going to pass out...have a stroke or something..(one Doctor told me that women who have migraines are more prone to STROKES)


any suggestions???

I am seeing a Pulmonologist in 1 week

Seeing the ENDO. tomorrow

Please help!!!  :-(


Help Lucy! I'm experiencing the same sensations and have been for years! I know you've posted this over a year ago but I'm in such bad shape I've this it's wrecking my whole life! Did you ever find out what was causing it & or what helps or cures it? Please relply I'm desperate for answers!