I had a routine colonoscopy 8 months ago, as soon as I came home from the procedure I felt pressure or like someone had their fist under my left rib. I called the doctor 3-4 times for the next 3 months and they told me just to put a heating pad on it and take ibuprofine, that it was trapped gas from the procedure.

Well it's been 8 months and granted over the summer I haven't felt it as much, but these last 4 weeks that same feeling is back even stronger. I called my doctor and I can't get in to see him til November. My husband thinks when they put the air in me, they could of seperated muscle around the colon.

This is so annoying to feel this constantly. Everything else is fine with me, just this feeling of someone's fist under my ribs all the time now.

Has anyone else ever have this feeling after a colonoscopy. I had this procedure 5 years ago and I never experienced this then.