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I am having problems with my foreskin retracting. I didn't really think of it as much but now I'm 16 and I'm a little worried. I've tryed to stretch out the skin slowly at my own pace but I always feel some discomfort. I feel it both erected and non. I've read around on the internet and I'm a little confused. Am I late and should I talk to someone about it? Or will it come in time. I can get it about half way and then I feel some pain. And when I let it go the forskin rolls back up inside itself and It hurts even more.

Thanks for your help


That's a tough one to answer.

I don't know if you're "late", but I know a lot of uncircumcised guys are trying the technique that you are.... and many claim good success with it.

It does sound painful if the skin curls around itself again and feels even worse when you stop.

I think you should give it a couple of more months, but if you're in pain, perahps a visit to a doctor would be wise.

Anyone else?