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My daughter has trouble swallowing liquids because they come out her nose. She just had a tonsillectomy yesterday. Is this normal?


i have the same problem, and i am 2.5 months post op. it doesn't happen ALL the time, but sometimes when i am drinking water or whatever, i will feel like i haven't swallowed it down to my stomach, or my epigolttis (the bit that stops anything going into the airways) doesn't properly close, and the fluid will just go straight out of my nose. it gets really annoying, particularly when you are drinking a soda, and it burns.
ask her to when she swallows, to make sure she trys to block her nose. this will stop the problem. it may be difficult because the contration of these muscles after a tonsillectomy it very painful, but its worth it.
i think its because after not being able to breathe normally from having swollen tonsils, the rush of airflow, and the ease of airflow makes you forget about closing your air passage, whereas it comes naturally pre-op.

hope that helps!