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Okay so I barely smoke weed and 3 days ago I did it again for the 6th time. The first 4 times I did it, I took WAY TOO MUCH (5 - 6 months ago). After the fourth time, my head didn't clear from it's cloudiness because I took WAY too much. I would have slight aches around different parts of my head and couldn't think properly. EVERYONE told me it would go away but it didn't.... Then 2 months after that 4th time of smoking, I did a 5th time but this time I took VERY LITTLE (0.3?), but as stupid and as ironic as it may sound, it got rid of my cloudy symptoms and more. So I made a promise to myself to never put myself through that again since I was back to my normal self but I broke that promise 3 days ago cause I'm an total id**t. Now I'm back to square one and i don't know what to do. When I got high 3 days ago, it was half a hit from a bong and a hit from a joint so I didn't get fried, but I was moderately high. Everything was good until the comedown and yeah, now I don't know what to do. It's been 3 days since I smoked weed now, but I'm still really paranoid and I feel like I'm going psychotic!? I also feel like I have add or something cause right now, I can't sit still. What can I do to get back to my normal self? Sorry for the long question, but I don't have anyone else to ask this question to and i'm definitely not going to a doctor or something cause then they would tell my mom. And my friends would say I'm fine but I know I'm not. And don't tell me it's my fault cause I already know it is! It's best if you give me advice if you have ever been through this or whatnot. Please Help! D: *NOTE* Only did it 6 times.


First of all you should know that you can't smoke 'too much' cannabis, you won't ever get an O.D. due to it. The best way to completely stop with smoking cannabis is to just stop abruptly, don't keep any closeby and don't allow yourself to think about smoking it, about the positive sides to it. Once your body stops 'desiring' for it, it'll become easier and easier to resist. I know quite some people who smoke cannabis because it relaxes them, because it's a small escape from the problems they have. Maybe you feel more active now because you don't smoke cannabis anymore, it's nothing to worry about really.

Small note: according to most, smoking cannabis isn't unhealthy, even though it actually is. Smoking cannabis will damage your brain on the long run, it might give you panic attacks and it might make you paranoid. Don't label yourself as one of these though, think positive, act positive and nothing will end up wrong.