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how many of u girls having this diappointments???


Hey 'fit boobs',

It's totally normal for you to be experiencing 'boob envy'. You look in the media and everywhere around us and we're told that big boobs are what's in and what's hot! Well, everyone comes in different sizes so it's arbitrary to say that only one size is hot. I'm not a big size myself(being a small B), but I've grown and learned that if I had a huge chest it would so not look proportionate. However, I'm 19 and I've pretty much stopped growing so I've just accepted the fact and I kind of like my boobs now. I have no idea how old you are, but you may still be going through puberty and may be getting bigger. My friend has huge breasts (we're talking like double D maybe a little bigger here) that didn't stop growing until she was 17 and it's no picnic for her: they hurt, people stare, she has to have a size up in shirts and clothes don't wind up looking too flattering most of the time. She struggles to find things that don't make her look like a tent... Maybe that's why I'm better with myself now, I don't know. Either way I'm glad that I can wear the clothes I want because I have a smaller bust.

I guess what I'm saying in all of this, is that there's no need to feel bad or even envious. You may want bigger boobs, but most of the girls with those want smaller ones.

-Ginny :)