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Next month I'll be 17 and I'm a DD. I very much want a breast reduction and have been since I found out they existed at 14. i'm 5'5 and 124 pounds which is pretty skinny and I look just like a normal girl but my boobs are so huge. This bothers me so much and there's so many things I would love to wear that I cannot because of the size of my breasts. I recently went prom dress shopping and I wear a size 4 in dresses so you can imagine how hard it whas for me to find a dress that fits around my waist and boobs. I can only wear loose clothing and If I wear anything tight at all then people notice how huge my boobs are and I feel like I'm dressed like a s*** even though other girls with small boobs can get away with it. I am so jealous of girls who don't have to face this problem they don't know how lucky they are to wear whatever they want. People are surprised when they find how small I am behind these huge breasts. I have such a small frame that I can hardly withstand this pain. Every time I mention a breast reduction to my mom she just says "you don't want one because it will make your boobs sag" well guess what they already do. I can't wear strapless bras for the clothes that I want to wear. I should also mention I am a swimmer and water polo player and I do weight lifting twice a week. The suits that I wear for swimming leave my boobs hanging out the side because they are not large enough to hold in my boobs when I swim. I have the skinniest arms ever and compared to my boobs I look so unproportionate. Ever since I was 13 older men would hit on me and I get lots of attention I DO NOT want. People would think I'm in my twenties when I'm only 16. I've been doing research on breast reductions so much before going to sleep for the past two or three years. I really want a breast reduction and I know my family can afford to get it but my parents are both so ignorant even though every once in a while I complain to my mom about the spinal pain I feel in my back. If anyone knows how to convince my parents more then please help. Also if I ever can  convince my family then if anyone can give me tips on finding a doctor right for this that'd be great, thanks.


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Hi, I'm guessing your in America, well not sure what the rules are there for breast reductions but here in the UK they won't do it until your around 20 and you have stopped growing. Your mum is wrong to say that a breast reduction will make them sag because it won't as they remove outer flesh to tighten up the skin and also move your nipple back up to its rightful place. Over here if you can prove to a doctor that they cause your physical pain ie severe back pain and also psychological stress then you can get them done for free, not sure though how your health system works though.

The main things you want to keep highlighting to your mum is how much pressure they put on your back and how much your back hurts at times and also the psychological stress it causes you because of the unwanted attention they attract.

Good luck :)