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i am 19 this year and i just recently retract my foreskin for the first time in my life.I found alot of smegma beneath and decided to clean it all off.
I resumed a very normal life by cleaning my penis head daily.
But i noticed something which im worried about.
Evertime i leave my penis alone without washing it for abt 12 hours,some parts of my penis head turns red.But right after i wash it ,and leave it for about 30 mins to an hour ,i retract the foreskin for some checking,and i found that the redness is all gone.I have a pretty tight foreskin and im wondering if the foreskin is causing me the redness on my penis head if i dont clean it occasionally.There's no itch when im peeing or not peeing and no trace of any different odours.
And im not sure if this is normal for a uncircumsized guy.
If any other information is needed before u can help me ,pls feel free to ask me for them over here.
I really hope somebody can help me with this as im really worried.thanks for reading and replying.


And i leave in a hot and wet country which is singapore,i guess the warm climate might had made not cleaning it daily worse.


Hi Reallyworried:

Men with foreskins have more colour in the head of their penis. If you don't have pain or discharge, then there probably is nothing to worry about.

Perhaps you are cleaning your penis head too much. Once a week should be enough. The smegma is harmless unless it stays a very long time.