I went in to a Ear, nose and throat specialist that my step daughter had seen for a long time, I went in because I wanted my tonsils removed. I felt that they where large and porous causing food to collect rot and make me feel bad and breath stink. Well after being explained the complications of removeing tonsils from someone my age(33 at the time 2 years ago) the doc put me through sleep appneia (?) tests to see if it was a justifiable risk. after tests it was determined that my tonsils were not life threatening. So he convinced me to straighten my slightly deviated septem and turbinate reduction. I didn't really feel like I had a breathing problem before but post surgery after 3-4weeks of healing I have pretty much Not had a stopped up nose since. My problem is since surgery I always feel like I have sinus pressure. Anything snug at all on my head gives me a headache(motorcycle helmet, stocking hat, even sunglasses some times). I also feel blocked between my eyes and brain, a depressed feeling. I use to race ATV's and now when my head bounces around I have a little problem focusing, never a problem before surgery. A couple of times I have gotten large chunks of hard mucus(bogers) from what feels like deep in my sinuses, and I immediately felt wonderful.

Is it possible that too much reduction was done creating pockets for mucus to collect, causing pressure and possibly slight infection all the time?