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I have problems with my lymph gland and tonsils almost a year now. I don’t know what causes these swelling.
Because of my swollen tonsils my throat became very sore. Sometimes my swollen lymph gland is a size of hazelnut and painful when I touch it.
First I thought it was some kind of allergy and I treated with Clarinex and Phenergan but it didn’t help. Now, I don’t know what to do.
I’ve noticed these changes only on my neck. What could cause this? Is this some kind of inflammation or something worse?
Please help!


I can give you little information about possible causes of your lymphnode swelling.
Swelling is often caused by a general body inflammation that, in your case, is probably located your throat. You should definitely consider that tonsillitis could be the cause. If this is the cause Tonsillectomy is only solution.
You shouldn’t forget that even a trivial thing such as growing of wisdom teeth can cause this kind of problems and removing it can relieve your pain.
And I have to mention that some of very serious diseases like carcinoma-lymphoma can be cause of swelling. You have to pay a visit to your doctor and do some examinations to determine real cause.



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