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My mother was diagnosed with pseudomonas after being misdiagnosed for 2 years as having pneumonia. After discovering what it was she had already become immune to most antibiotics. Doctors now say that they have run out of options to treat this. Does anybody know if there are any new antibiotics out there to treat this. Has anybody ever had severe pseudomonas and recovered from it? She did have lung cancer in 2000 but has been cancer free since. Any information would be greatly appreciated!


Hello! It is true that this bacterium has a natural resistance to a lot of antibiotics but I managed to find some info about useful antibiotics from 2001. Now, there is a question if bacteria grew resistance to these antibiotics as well.

P.aeruginosa can be treated with ticarcillin and piperacillin, all other penicillins have no effects. From cephalosporins, only ceftazidime seems to be effective. Gentaminicn and tobramycin are used for treatments in the hospital while ciprofloxacin was used in outpatient basis. Last resorts antibiotics are Colistin and neomycin.

If your mother’s current doctors can’t find solutions for her, you should definitely look for second opinions and look for specialists in your area.

Ask questions about clinic trials in your area regarding P.aeruginosa or look for Cystic Fibrosis Agencies that may be able to help you as P.aeruginosa is linked to infections in cystic fibrosis.