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I have psorisis the Dr's say, but it is only on my scalp. It itches so bad and is spreading tremendiously. I have tried T-gel, scalp oil, every dandraff shampoo out there nothing helps. I can not wear any type of dark colors at all. I turn it white with my itching and can not stop. I flake everywhere. My scalp is so dry and nothing changes it. I need advice Please.



I have battled with Psorsis for many years.. the best treatment I have found came from the originial dr that DX it. I freq use HEAD AND SHOULDERS INTENSIVE treatment ( in the dark blue bottle ) the key is to lather it up and leave it on for 10 min , YES 10 MIN.. but believe me it works. I've tried all the expensives shampoos and creams and others things... for under $4.00 .. u can't go wrong... The Dr. even had me use it on face and legs when I had severe breakouts..