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Hi, I'm 16 years old and I have had dandruff for a long time. I've tried so many anti-dandruff shampoo's and have done many remedies, but nothing seems to work. In recent months, my dandruff has escalated. At the back of my head, there seems to be bumps of dandruff, I suppose, but I'm not really sure why it's there now? It has never been before, and it's really itchy and it sometimes bleeds. I really want to fix my dandruff problem, and it's embarrassing whenever I go to school. Please, someone help? 



This shampoo works for me: Vichy Dercos Anti-Dandruff. Try to find it in your nearest pharmacy.



Unfortunately there is no cure for dandruff yet (once you get it you may continue to have it), but there are ways that you can control and limit dandruff.

If you have only a mild case of dandruff, shampooing your hair with a regular shampoo daily or twice a day will usually do the trick.

Start out by trying a mild shampoo, stronger shampoos can irritate and dry out your hair making dandruff flaking worst.

If your standard shampoo doesn't get rid of your dandruff, buy an anti-dandruff shampoo and your dandruff condition should improve signifigantly in a couple of weeks.

Picking the right shampoo for your hair can be a process of trial and error, try out different shampoos to see which one works best for you and also rotating shampoos periodically can be good for your hair.

Once you have found an anti-dandruff shampoo that works for you, keep on using it or your dandruff will most likely reoccur.

Lather and rinse twice when using anti-dandruff shampoos, the first time cycle will clean your scalp, the second cycle will medicate it.


stress is said to b one of the causes but ther r plenty of other factors.

i had lots of dandruf but now its in control. i oil my hair weekly at night and wash it in the morning - oil softens ur hair and also makes ur scalp less dry.

u can try - Dancel Shampoo everyday. If u can - try to get Neem leaves. Paste it and use it in ur scalp for half n hour.

keep ur hair clean and avoid going under scorching heated sun.

i hope this will relif u to some extent.