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I’m female, 36 years old and ever since I entered my thirties I’ve started noticing that my hair is getting thinner and thinner. I’ve read it’s normal to lose 100 strand of hair daily, but I feel tike I’m losing 10 times as much.

So I looked into treatment options for thinning hair and it seems that Nioxin products, even though they are not exactly on the cheap side, are among the most popular ones. Before investing in a month’s worth of Nioxin scalp treatment system, I’d appreciate if anyone could share their experience and tell me if Nioxin actually works?



I've been using Nioxin products, shampoo, scalp treatment and leave in conditioner for about two months now, and I can honestly say I do see a difference. Maybe it's just due to the fact that after years of colouring my hair it's finally getting all the nutrients it needs to grow and look healthy, but for me Nioxin combination works.

I'm not sure though that you'll get the same results if you use Nioxin scalp treatment (basically, a conditioner) on it's own, compared if you tried the whole system with the shampoo and the leave in conditioner.