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My fiance died on August 11 from what the doctor said was a rare auto immune or vasculitius.  It seemed really fast for him with symptoms that swiftly attacked his body.  Why wern't there more signs to warn of this disease?


Dear Brenda, 

Most physicians know the word autoimmune, but they do not know what causes it or how it affects the body. Autoimmunity is, basically, a vascular condition, but since blood vessels course throughout the body, and the smallest of them, capillaries, venules, and lymph vessels are very close, physically, to the bodiy's cells the result is that the blood vessel disease becomes a systemic disease and can affect, virtually, all the structures of the body. Usually, when a vital organ is affected so that it malfunctions, such as, for instance, the heart, brain, liver or lungs, then, the specialty doctors who focus on this or that system or organ, focus on the organ that is going most awry. You see, there are no vasculologists in medical science and so the problem is not, generally, understood in its entirety. There is a cause also, so if you write me directly, and tell me his symptoms and signs, we'll both learn from your fiance's problem.