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I have a question. What is raynauds disease? How many people do have this disease? Can treatment be effective?


Hey there,
raynauds disease or primary called raynauds is a condition that affects very small percentage of people. Also, it is more likely to affect women that men and it is more common with people that live in colder areas. raynauds disease is actually a condition that affects some areas of body, mostly peripheral parts, such as fingers, toes, nose, ears. These parts of body start to feel numb and cold in response to low temperatures. This happens because blood vessels that supply blood to persons skin narrow, which limits blood circulation of affected areas, which at the end results as numbness and coldness.
One more thing with raynauds disease. You can have it as “primary” disease, in that case it is called raynauds disease or just raynauds. Or it can be associated with another disease or part of another disease, in that case doctors refer to it as raynauds phenomenon or secondary raynauds.
Treatment depends on severity of raynauds. Most people do not experience raynauds as a disability.



I am having this problem, my age is 23 years, female, weight 60 kgs, height 5Feet.
I feeling burning pain in my finger tips and toes , is it curable any treatment is there?
Please help me...