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I have noticed my nails are flattening- almost like ingrown fingernails. I was told it is possibly Raynauds disease. What is Raynauds? Or better still, what is happening with my nails?


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Hi there! As far as I know, flattening of the nails can be due to vitamin B12 deficiency and Raynaud’s disease. You should see a doctor and complain about your symptoms and possible have a blood work done in order to check for nutrients in the body.

Raynaud's disease is a disease that affects the circulation within the body and in which extremities like fingers and toes turn numb and cold. Raynaud’s disease may be primary or secondary to another disease.

I am not sure if you would only experience nail flattening without the numbness. In either case, you should visit a doc and have some tests done to see if anything’s wrong.

Nail changes are normal with age and may not be indicating anything else but that.