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Approximately 16 months ago, whilst sledging, I injured my arm. At the time the pain was utterly unbearable, it felt as if it had bent out of shape and was several hours before I was able to apply any pressure on to it. So that's all well and good, the injury seemed to heal and I carried on as usual. Except within a week it re-occurred when I raised my arm to retrieve an item from a high shelf ( Same pain, feels as if my arm is being pulled out of position ) and after that with a degree of frequency for a couple of months: bending over to pick-up a fallen mobile phone, lying on my side with the injured arm, raising my arm to wave at a passer by etc... I booked an appointment with my local GP, who suggested I take ibuprofen and return if the problem persisted. So a few months pass without incident and then it happens again, but recovers swiftly enough that it is hard to justify a trip to the clinic. And, basically, this pattern continues to repeat itself. The injury resurfaces and then the pain retreats so that by the time I am able to see a doctor, there are no real signs. Indeed, a second doctor's visit resulted in a referral to physiotherapy ( which I finally got after a four month wait, to be told my arm was obviously better ). Perhaps, unsurprisingly, the injury has plagued me since then, though less frequently, possibly only three times in six months or so. However, there is no logic to it, I am able to carry heavy building material but I place my arms behind my head whilst lying down and it just clicks itself out. I'm rather frustrated, due to waiting times I can't actually see a doctor within a reasonable time-frame of the injury happening and it has limited my active life-style, making me fearful of agitating it: so I no longer play Basketball or football and have limited my cycling to mostly mundane cycle paths. If anyone was able to volunteer a suggestion to the nature of this injury, perhaps even how I might convince a Doctor to take the injury seriously, then I would be terribly grateful.


Obviously Local Doctor can examine your injury more closely and give you best advise. I can only suggest you to buy forearm crutches after injury to avoid pressure and move it easily,