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Speratically for 2 years my 1/2 sister has suffered bloating to the point of having to wear maturnity closes. She has had cat scans; MRIs and they find nothing. She is now doubling over in pain. she now keeps a journal of what she eats and it appears that when she eat cheeses and beef she gets pain. No doctor to this point can find the problem.



Allergies are responses mounted by the immune system to a particular food, inhalant (airborne substance), or chemical. In popular terminology, the terms “allergies” and “sensitivities” are often used to mean the same thing though many sensitivities are not true allergies. The term “sensitivity” is general and may include true allergies, reactions that do not affect the immune system (and therefore are not technically allergies), and reactions for which the cause has yet to be determined.

Here a formula designed to help control the body’s immune response to an allergen and the symptoms of a moderate response. Vitamin C and Quercetin both are good natural anti-histamine agents. Bioflavonoid Mix potentiates the functions of vitamin C. MSM and essential fatty acids contained in Flaxseed have the property to reduce inflammatory reactions. Thymus has shown to calm the immune response. Lactobacillus Acidophilus are thought to reduce the potential for allergies. Nettle has demonstrated to be effective against hay fever. Betaine HCl assists in the digestion of food and reduces the potential for food allergies.

If you are concerned or unsure about your symptoms, please contact your healthcare provider for professional medical advice.