Hello all,

I had a severe accident about two years ago that involved me to learn how to walk and talk again and spent a long time in a hospital.
But this is not the reason for my post. Time, with diet and exercise I have improved greatly.

I have no health insurance and no proper income after the accident.

My problem is this:

About a year or so ago I began to get a lot of dandruff, then I noticed some strange scabs on my scalp, so I went to the doctor and got prescribed a shampoo to use on my hair and eyebrows (my eyebrows were also affected), and after about 2 or 3 weeks it went away. Then I got a strange rash on my inner thigh that I thought nothing of first, but began to itch and bother me and grow larger, so I went to the doctor again and got cream for fungal skin infection. I applied it, and after using the whole bottle it seemed to go away. For some time I was fungus free. Then months later my toenails have black spots on them, and the rash on my inner thigh has came back, some cuts or rips on the foreskin of my penis, and I think folliculitis on my testicles. Also for a few months I had perleche, or angular cheilitis, a cut on the corner of my mouth, very painful, wouldn't go away no matter what I tried. Once I had full body hives for some days. Acute urticaria. I went to the emergency room for that, and got some allergy medicine, that seemed to help. Thank god, they never returned. But I have had all of these symptoms, all at different times, sometimes together, and everywhere in between, over the course of a 2 year period after my accident in 2009.

I have been to doctors, gotten and used many different creams, completely eliminated yeast and sugar from my diet, have tried all sorts of immune boosting things. I have tried raw garlic, natural yogurt, nuts & berries, coconut oil, Reishi Mushroom extract, probiotics, and much more. Nothing seems to get rid of this and I don't know what to do. I can save up for another doctor's visit which I am doing currently, but I will most likely get prescribed the cream or allergy medicine again. Please please help, someone. I don't know what to do.