For a while now, over a number of months, i've had a rash on the inside of my right knee and the top of my right foot. The very first time i remember having this rash, it occured on the inner left thigh. I would scratch it a little and eventually spread over to my other inner thigh as well. Eventually it went away from not scratching at it. Now it seems like that the same type of rash is in these two areas. It hasn't spread anywhere else or gotten any worse, it would heal some and then i would scratch it red again when it got itchy. the one on my foot also will get very dry and itchy, sometimes it would look alright or if i don't itch it for a while it will look dry again. It's a big pain in the butt to be itching these rash spots for a while and wanted to know what anyone might think of it. if i can't find any relief from topical medications i'll probably try and see a dermatologist. but i welcome any input anyone may have.