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there kind of itchy and they keep multiplying... like is this serious? somethin i will have forever...its mostly on my pubic area little bumps like pimples sort of they start gradually going on my leg then alot of parts on my body got itchy......mostly my hand (left) reallly itchy bumps in the webs of my fingers after scratching them a day after they looked greenish and i poked at popped..its mostly itchy my legs stomach and arms/hands.....also pubic area.. i am to afraid to go to doctor for help and parents i am currently 15 so if u could help that would be great


At first I thought it might be a heat rash, but the "greenish" look is perplexing.

Go talk to your father and visit a doctor.

It's probably nothing but you need to get it checked out.

Don't gamble with your health & don't be embarrassed. :-)