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:'( I am currently 6 months pregnant and have swlooen red heels!!!
Very painful and blanching occurs when push in on them!!!!!!!!!
My feet and ankles are not swollen and not sure what I can do??
So painful very tearful---- have elevated them and cold soaks with feet massager very painful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please Help


Since your heels hurt that much, I reckon you should see a podiatrist! It is quite likely that you have developed some bacterial skin infection because the pain sounds like the one it would occur from bacterial infection. They are painful to the touch or during a walk and you may contract them in the swimming pools, hot tubs, public showers, etc

It is quite possible that you had/have fungal infection that could have lead to dry, red and swollen feet. If not treated, these infections could even cause cracking in the heels, which would cause bacterial to settle in. Bacterial can be pretty nasty, so I would advise you to see a doc and get this sorted out. S/he may prescribe a fungal and/or antibiotics to clear the infection or another treatment depending on the cause.