I'm 29 and active. I have been out of the hospital 2 weeks so far from rhabdo. Did an arm workout with a lot of reps for the first time after my winter hiatus, and after 4 days of decreased ROM, swelling and pain, I suspected rhabdo and was admitted. My CpK was over 10,000. I haven't been back to working out yet as I still feel weak. However, after being out walking all day in the city for an event, I later had excruciating pain in my ankle when I sat down for the day. It felt like a sprain. It was swollen. However the pain felt like the rhabdo in my arms. I did not sprain my ankle while walking... but after I sat down for the day to relax is when the pain began. I iced, and could barley put pressure on my foot. The next morning and later that day it was fine. Is this a side effect? I was getting muscle cramps and just general  fatigue as well. Urine is still clear, but I do feel some kidney discomfort. My doctors weren't clear on the follow up and recovery for this. What are everyone else's after symptoms like?