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Back in 2005 My mom had surgery to remove her gallbladder because it was full with stones. A month later she had a novasure and has had horrible side pain in her right abdomen. She has went to doctor after doctor but not one of them have found out what is wrong with her. When she first started having this unbearable pain, she would only have it a few days out of the month, but it seems now that the pain has got incredibly worse and she is in pain months at a time. She is absolutely fatigue and can't get up to do anything. My mom use to do everything and anything, now she lays in bed or on the couch and cries. She has been on the internet looking for causes but it could be anything. She describes her pain as being throbbing like she is being poked in the side with a hot poker. She also feels that she can't pass gas on her right side. She also collects her urine in the morning and some kind of white settlement forms. It is not the color that urine should be. Does anyone else have this problem? Can someone help my mother so she can be herself again?


Hi, I am new to this forum and have some very interesting information that I have only just found out myself. I too had my gallbladder removed in 1996. Since the surgery my life has been miserable. The pain, nausea, vomiting daily , diarreha , I have been to so many doctors and even had extensive testing done at WASU in ST. Louis Mo. They as many doctors have done put me on many and I mean many different medicines, ulcer meds, nausea meds, bowel meds and so on, has cost so much money and time with no luck at all.

Belive me when I tell you that these many years of discomfort has affected my life greatly, One week ago today I found a local doctor, figured I would give it one more shot, he knew exactly what was wrong with me, it is bile, plain and simple. Trust me Ihad the bloating, pain, fevers and all, and when this doctor said that he knew what the problem was without running any tests I thought yeah right,,, so I filled the perscription and began taking it, he prescribed Colestid, 1gm, 2 tablets before meals, and 2 before bed, I CAN"T believe how I feel, no bloating, no pain, no running to the bathroom everytime I eat, no nausea, it has only been a week, I am overwhelmed!!, I can't begin to tell you how it feels to feel better again!. The only side affect I have noticed is the gas, while I do work outside the home and I have found that by mid morning it is usually gone and is controlable. I will defineatley take the gas over the discomfort I have had for all these years!1.  I feel great! Maybe your mom should speak to her doctor about this med,